Faith Witcher βΈ»

About me

With 10 years of experience driving business success and a diverse skill set encompassing marketing, brand activations, project management, web/product design, and content strategy, I merge creative design with strategic business acumen.

8 years ago, while building and designing an e-commerce website for my small business, I discovered my passion for UX design. As a neurodivergent individual, I firmly believe that accessibility should be a right, not an option. This realization ignited my interest in UX design and research, leading me to the perfect field that combines my creative skills with my desire to create inclusive digital experiences.

Through my case studies, I showcase my speciality in facilitating studies using qualitative and quantitative data that enhances my competence in design fundamentals, information architecture, research synthesis. I take pride in crafting beautiful visuals that are both accessible and inclusive, with a goal to empower individuals, no matter where they are.


My approach to UX design is rooted in designing for the user at hand.

I recognize the importance of tailoring experiences to meet specific user needs and preferences, resulting in authentic and effective solutions. My motivation in UX design is driven by my commitment to accessibility and inclusivity.

Collaboration is at the heart of my work, and I have successfully collaborated with other professionals and teams on UX design projects. My contributions have been instrumental in achieving overall project success, ensuring that user-centric design solutions are implemented.

I am looking to leverage my blend of business and design experience to deliver meaningful and impactful product experiences.

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